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    Parent Coaching

    Parenting can be our most challenging, but also rewarding job we have. There are days when we feel like we might  have figured out a few things, followed by a day where we feel like we know nothing about these small humans we are raising.

     I have been certified as a parenting instructor and coach since 2009. My coaching sessions are rooted in the parenting philosophy, Parenting with Love & Logic, put forth by Jim Fay and Foster Cline, MD.  Love & Logic takes a balanced approach where parents learn how to work with, and educate their kids, without losing their love or respect. Love & Logic focuses on developing and strengthening a child’s personal responsibility, self-control and healthy decision-making skills.

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    I break down my coaching into two, one-hour sessions. It is recommended that you engage in both coaching sessions in order to learn all of the skills. Each client is provided with a packet of Love & Logic information and presentation materials via email prior to the sessions. Coaching sessions are appropriate for all stages of development and will be directed towards that, including early childhood (ages 3-6), childhood (ages 6-12) and adolescence (ages 12-18).

     Follow up sessions are offered following the completion of the coaching sessions. 

    First Coaching Session

    Introduction to the Philosophy of Love & Logic

    Neutralize Arguing

    Delayed Consequences

    Power & Control

    Choices Within Limits

    Second Coaching Session

    Importance of Empathy

    Enforceable Statements

    Guiding Kids to Solve Their Own Problems

    Review and Practice of How to Combine Skills